Hi! I'm Kayla. Im a daughter, sister, wife, mama, and friend- probably a lot like you. I started this blog to document my own life after getting married, and I became more devoted after becoming pregnant with our first child. So let me catch you up to speed-

My husband Zach and I met in the eighth grade at my best friend's birthday party. We attended different middle schools in the same county- hence why we'd never met before. I had a boyfriend. He had a girlfriend. My boyfriend was one of his best friends. His girlfriend was one of my best friends. Don't worry- he wasn't dating the birthday girl. Fast forward a few weeks- he was dumped. I was dumped. He 'asked me out' over a MySpace message the very next day. We were totally each others rebounds, but that's okay. Rebounds can also be soulmates.

We were together throughout high school (minus two breakups), and became engaged our freshman year of college. We actually attended different colleges our freshman year- but were only an hour drive away from one another. Zach transferred colleges his sophomore year (after a rough first year and missing me, duh), so we were finally in the somewhat-real-world together. Our somewhat-real-world experience included horrible roommate situations. I won't go into detail, but let's just say my roommates were lighting furniture on fire with hairspray. So what was our resolution to the bad roommate spiral? We decided to get married.. in 89 days.

We quickly planned a wedding. And honeymoon. Got married. Went on our honeymoon. Returned to college the next semester. Shuffled back and forth between our bad living situations. Bought our first puppy- Laney. Signed a lease together that would begin a few months later. Finished the semester. Found our second puppy by Zach's parent's mailbox while back home for the summer- Lexi. Moved into our first apartment together. Zach became a student assistant for the Georgia Southern football program. Continued our life as college students for the following two years. I graduated college. Zach was offered a position as a graduate assistant. Zach accepted. We moved from our apartment to a townhome. Zach graduated college. We planned for a baby. We found out I was pregnant. Zach applied for an open position at Fresno State. Zach gets a call from Fresno State. Job offer is extended. We think about it. Zach accepts the job offer before we arrive at the hospital to be induced. Ramsey Kate is born. We are sleep deprived. We pack up the townhome. Zach and his dad drive from Georgia to California. I move back home and stay with my parents temporarily. Zach flies back to Georgia and we move out to California as a family- 72 hours in a Budget moving van, with a baby, two dogs, and a trailer towing my car. We enjoy a few months together in California. Georgia Southern calls and makes a job offer. I cry. I stress. I cry again. Zach accepts the job offer. We move back to Georgia.

PLOT TWIST. After settling back into life in Georgia, a coaching change resulted in Zach searching for another job. Long story short, we are now living in Minnesota! And I totally forgot to mention that we welcomed ANOTHER LITTLE HUMAN in August! 

...and that's how we got here.

I hope you enjoy our journey along with us!