Ada Reese Monthly: SIX

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Our littlest love is halfway to a whole year. She loves to suck her bottom lip and everything goes straight to her mouth. Her two bottom teeth are already trying to make an appearance. I can see the little transparent rectangles on her gums where they're working their way up. I expect them to cut through slowly, and also secretly hoping this is the case. Nursing is terrifying once little teeth pop through. I'm not looking forward to being bit.. at all.  She is constantly saying "DADA." I've said from the beginning that this would be her first word, which only makes it fair since "mama" was Ramsey's first word.

If that's not enough, girlfriend is sitting on her own- and insists on sitting in the floor with Ramsey to play. It definitely makes life a little easier on mama now that she can sit and entertain herself. I've always propped her up in the couch to sit, but I can't do this much anymore- I propped her up like usual, and then walked to the kitchen. When I retuned a few minutes later she was sitting up straight with her back completely off the couch. She looked just like a prairie dog- superrrr straight back, and her eyes were wide open, just looking around.

We started baby food this month, and I've never seen her more eager than when waiting for the next bite. Bananas seem to be her favorite, along with other fruits. She wasn't a fan of peas at first, but will finally eat them after alternating bites with foods she loves. We're only feeding her one serving around dinner time right now. I'm terrified to feed her any more than that because my supply dropped when we started feeding Ramsey solids. Ada hasn't ever been a big eater the way Ramsey was either, so I've been worried from the beginning about my supply- but so far, so good. Hoping it stays that way!

Ramsey is still a nurturing big sister, and it completely melts me. Watching their relationship develop is truly the best part about having two babies. Ramsey always asks where Ada is if she can't find her, and her face lights up whenever she see's Ada. "HEY ADA!" is probably her most used phrase currently. I was cleaning the kitchen one night, and I look up to see Ramsey playing peek-a-boo with Ada on the couch. "BOO!" Then a pause. Then Ramsey covers her face. Then, "BOO!" Hands fly from her face. Nothing but giggles out of Ramsey's mouth, and Ada is sitting there with the biggest grin across her face. A moment that I never want to forget.

We were on FaceTime with Zach's parents one night, and we were all down in the floor showing them how Ada can now sit. Any time we're in the floor the dogs are all over us, so Laney is all in Ada's space. Ramsey runs up and squats down beside Laney, and then proceeds to put her arm around them. Then says, "CHEEEESSSEEEEE!" We all diedddd laughing. She was ready for a picture! I ran to grab my camera and Zach captured a few snaps before Laney ran away.

She's the sweetest girl, and I hope it never changes.

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