Cold Relief Favorites

Thursday, January 31, 2019

We started the New Year off with a house full of sickness. I had a sinus infection... TWICE, Ramsey had pneumonia, and Ada had an ear infection as well as croup. It was a rough way to start the year, but we all finally have our health back and we couldn't be happier. I never get sick, and this was Ramsey's first time ever being sick (besides a runny nose and cough), so there was definitely a learning curve for me. I highly recommend everything in this post. All the products are complete life savers and made life a little more comfortable while we recovered.

1. NOSE FRIDA- This thing is legit. Ramsey hated this as a baby, but now lets me use it after seeing me suck Ada's snot.. hahaha. This made a drastic difference in Ada's comfort, and it works so quickly.

2. EAR THERMOMETER- All we had was a dinky thermometer gifted by the hospital when Ramsey was born. I refuse to check their temperature rectally, so this thermometer was a lifesaver. It works quickly and painlessly.

3. BOOGIE WIPES- Worth EVERY penny. No matter how many times you blow or wipe a nose, you will not irritate or dry out the skin. Perfect for little noses, and even your own. I use these myself. So soothing- they feel amazing on your skin.

4. SALINE SPRAY- I used this for the first time on Ada because her nostrils sounded really dry, and I was worried she couldn't breathe well. Instantly fixed the problem!

5. HUMIDIFIER- I actually bought a different brand humidifier and it did not work well at all. This will be my next humidifier purchase. I love that it also doubles as a night light, and it can be used as a diffuser as well.

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