Quick Lane Bowl

Monday, December 31, 2018

We flew to Detroit on December 22nd, which was Ada's very first flight (outside my belly) and everyone's first visit to Michigan. I've only heard negative things about Detroit, but we all loved it! So you clearly can't believe everything you hear. We didn't have car seats, only Ramsey's pink little stroller, but we made it work. I wore Ada in her carrier, and luckily I was somehow able to zip my coat with both of us inside. People pointed and laughed and made comments whenever they noticed Ada's little round face sticking out of the top of my coat. We were within walking distance to tons of restaurants and outdoor activities (like ice skating), so for lunch and dinner we would walk the streets to a restaurant. Zach would push Ramsey in her stroller, and I would carry Ada as mentioned before. We were quite the brigade.. HAHA. The day of the bowl game everything quickly went downhill. I woke up with a sore throat and felt miserable all day. We were all short on sleep from the past few days (Ramsey napped maybe once the entire trip), and Ada had one of her toughest days ever that day too. All the wives with young children decided to walk to the stadium instead of taking the early shuttle. The girls and I joined in and we were seriously a caravan. It was hysterical. Ada and I spent most of the game in a bathroom stall. She refused to nurse in the stands, and was just having such a tough time period. Luckily the other wives are the sweetest and took care of Ramsey for me. She had the best day ever. Honestly she had the best trip ever. And the trip ended the best way possible- we WON the bowl game and returned home as Quick Lane Bowl champions!

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