Friday, November 02, 2018

Halloween was pure magic this year. I never want to forget a single thing. Now that Ramsey is older things are becoming more and more fun than I ever thought possible. She was so excited to wear her costume, even though she didn't have a clue what the night would entail. We started at the back of our neighborhood, and at first Ramsey was pretty shy when people came to the door to give her candy. After the first couple stops though, she was already asking me to open a piece of candy.. HAHAHA. I opened the candy for her and we continued on. Once she made the connection that she was getting actual candy from these people, she was a major fan. When we turned around to head to the front of the neighborhood, she freaked out because she thought we were going back home already. We had to talk her down- she was LOSING it. The front of our neighborhood was exactly what I had envisioned for our night of trick-or-treating. There were two rows of townhomes that faced one another. Kids were EVERYWHERE, just swarming. Parents were standing at the end of the sidewalk supervising, and it was magic. Pure magic. Zach and Ada stayed back while I carried Ramsey door-to-door through the chaos. My favorite moment from the night happened at the second stop on the row- Ramsey sat in front of the door when I put her down to get her candy. She patted the concrete and said, "sit!sit!"- she was sooooo exhausted!!! It melted my heart and another mom laughed, and then I picked her up and carried her the rest of the stops on the row. Our sweet little Ramsey Kate had the very best time, and the exhaustion was proof. We took our Radio Flyer wagon with us and had it loaded with blankets since it was chilly. We put Ramsey down in it afterwards, and she sat there with her full candy bucket just chomping away while we wheeled her home. I know she won't remember it, but it was the most perfect Halloween night ever. I don't how we will ever top it.

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