Ada Reese Monthly: THREE

Monday, November 05, 2018

I cannot believe I’m writing this post already. This past month FLEW by. Ada is still the most easygoing and happy baby. Last month with dealt with fussiness in the evenings, but I think we’re in the clear now! She loves listening to music- during one of her fussy evenings Zach pulled up YouTube on the tv and I think it was Post Malone that played. Girlfriend stopped crying and just sat there reclined in the couch listening. Honestly I think that was the turning point on the fussiness too. We should’ve played music a lot sooner and saved ourselves a lot of effort.. Ada is a drooling mess, so bibs are a necessity now, and she is grabbing things constantly too.

She loves to watch Ramsey. Whenever Ramsey walks up to her she cracks the biggest smile and just watches her with the sweetest gaze, never dropping the smile. I really think they are going to be total besties, and I hope so hard that they’re always this sweet and loving to each other. Ramsey is always nurturing- she brings her little toys to hold, covers her up, pats her when she’s sad, and lays beside her on the little activity mat. It melts my heart how kind she is.

Whenever I catch myself in deep baby talk with Ada, I quickly look to Ramsey to make sure she doesn’t feel left out and I kid you not, Ramsey will be looking over at us with the biggest smile on her face! I love love love that she isn’t jealous. She doesn’t make it all about herself, but instead she’s genuinely happy to see Ada getting attention from us too. This has been the biggest relief for me- knowing that Ramsey is happy and okay with all the big changes that have happened in the past three months. Their relationship is truly my favorite thing ever. I hope in another three months I’m still able to talk so positively about how it’s developing.

My favorite moment from this past month happened just a few days ago. Ada had a major blowout (which she's been having a lot of recently), so I laid her on a puppy pad in the floor to clean her up. Ramsey was right there watching of course, and she starting gently lifting the soiled sleeper and looking into the diaper. I said, "don't touch" a few times, and Ramsey quickly and CLEARLY says it right back in her little voice. It was the clearest she's ever said anything. Zach and I immediately looked at each other with the widest eyes. It was so funny and sweet, and definitely made us realize we really have to be careful with what we say.

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