Ada Reese Monthly: TWO

Friday, October 05, 2018

I can’t believe it’s already been two months since our Ada girl joined us. It feels so much shorter than that in the sense that it feels like it was yesterday when I was in labor, but also much longer because I can’t remember what our lives were like before she was here. She is still the sweetest girl- always smiling and finally starting to coo. I forgot just how precious these early smiles and little noises are. She can be having a tough evening and I’ll be completely exhausted, but then she’ll crack a little smile at me and I instantly melt and forget about the past 30 minutes of frustrated cries.

She’s still sleeping well throughout the night- and still co-sleeping which is working great for us right now. She does seem to have a more difficult time nursing in bed though, which is the complete opposite of how Ramsey was. Sometimes she does well and then other nights it seems to be a constant re-latch.

She’s a great little eater when she wants to be. Ramsey always snacked throughout the entire day, constantly on the boob for little feedings. Ada, however, is again the complete opposite. She seems to eat more in the afternoon and evening. The amount she eats is always dependent on how much she’s eaten earlier in the day. So if she doesn’t have much of an appetite during the day, I can always expect to spend the evening sitting on the couch while she nurses until bedtime.

We unfortunately had a tough case of baby acne this past month. It started on her chin and then spread to cover her entire face, scalp, chest, back, and her shoulders and upper arms. Every day it spread a little more than the day before. I did a TON of research, and I think the antibiotic I was on for mastitis messed with her gut bacteria- which in turn caused the obnoxious break out. I also came across two different products that worked a complete miracle on her skin- Mustella No-Rinse Cleansing Water and Tubby Todd All Over Ointment. Within a few days there was a noticeable difference and in a week it was all pretty much gone. I’m still using the products to treat an occasional bump or two, but only as needed. I was very aggressive when I began using them initially- using each twice a day. I’m so happy we’ve finally gotten it all cleared up and under control. I had a really hard time with it because of my own skin issues (especially those in high school) and I struggled watching her suffer with baby acne.

Ramsey and Ada are still the best of friends. Still no jealousy issues on Ramsey’s part, however, she’s not as gentle as I’d like her to be. Sometimes she pats Ada just a littleeee too hard, or puts weight on her tiny body. We’re working on it though, and of course it’s all done with the purest intentions.

Ramsey has actually tried to breastfeed Ada a couple times at this point. It amazes me how much she really watches my actions! IT’S TERRIFYING. Ramsey was holding Ada with the boppy while sitting in the couch, which is how I nurse Ada usually. She didn’t have a shirt on (we believe in diapers only around here when it’s warm outside..) and she pinched her little chest and leaned towards Ada’s head!! I honestly couldn’t believe how accurate her form was! As she leaned in, she gently pushed Ada’s head from behind. I don’t know what she would’ve done if Ada had actually latched on.. HA. So sweet, but of course I intervened before it got that far.

Ada is a total clone of Zach. Every time I look at her little face, I can’t help but immediately see his. I always thought I wanted babies that looked just like me, but it’s so much sweeter seeing parts of him in our girls. With that being said, she has MY personality. I always joke that she’s so low maintenance compared to Ramsey- especially when comparing how Ramsey was at this age. Ramsey for sure has Zach’s personality, so I’m thankful to finally have someone that will see things from my perspective and agree with me in the future. Because Zach and Ramsey are alwaysssss on the same wavelength with everything.

My favorite thing this month has been watching Ada’s reaction when Ramsey throws a tantrum. She either remains completely calm and has a blank look on her face, or her eyes get really wide while Ramsey screams in the background. It’s so funny either way, and it’s a relief that Ada isn’t effected by it- the last thing I want is her freaking out because Ramsey is freaking out. So far so good.

Of course there have been moments of both girls hysterically having meltdowns. This was probably the one thing I was a little worried about while pregnant. I was convinced my life would be a circus and I would lose it. I honestly am not even slightly bothered when they are both losing it simultaneously. I always find myself SMILING about it! It probably sounds really odd, but these are the moments I know I’ll miss. The house IS a total circus- and I love it. THESE. ARE. THE. DAYS. I’m going to miss the crazy! Their little cries fill our home with so much warmth and love and life.

It’s been a sweet two months with our littlest gal. I’m excited to see how she develops over the next month, and how her and Ramsey grow in their relationship.

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