Ada Reese Monthly: ONE

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

This was hands down the best month of my life. Ada was our missing piece, and now that we have her I truly don't know how we ever lived without her. Ada is our calm, patient baby. She’s so go with the flow and isn’t phased by much- and it’s a good thing too when there’s a raging toddler 99% of the time. She's definitely been the easier child this past month, but I'm sure that will change in the next few months.

I love seeing the girls together and hearing Ramsey say “A-Ada” repeatedly. It's the absolute sweetest thing to hear. At bedtime I lay Ada in bed with Ramsey while I read a few stories, and it's my favorite time of the day. Ramsey constantly looks over at Ada and smiles while I read. SO. DANG. PRECIOUS. My heart melts constantly everyday. Watching their relationship develop is my favorite thing ever.

On the days Zach doesn't work we all end up in our bed in the morning. Zach gets up to make Ramsey's milk and then he brings her to our room. Starting out the day together this way is just the best. Nothing feels better than having our family all in one place, snuggled in bed together to start the day.

To begin with, Ada slept in her own crib- at least most of the night anyway. Over the past month, however, she's slowly started sleeping more in our bed. This definitely isn't because of her preference though. Mainly because I'm too tired to sit up and nurse her throughout the night, which means I'm laying down nursing her instead. Obviously I fall asleep this way, and then so does she. I really thought we'd have a crib sleeper this time around, but I definitely think she'll be a co-sleeper like Ramsey was in the beginning. Whatever works is fine with me- and as soon as it stops working we'll move her back to the crib.

Ada still sleeps really well throughout the night. Waking up twice at the most usually. She has had a  few rough nights though- gas related issues I think. Around 9 pm every night it usually starts up, so I'll give her gas medicine which has been a huge help. I'm no longer setting alarms throughout the night for nursing purposes either. This didn't happen intentionally, I just forgot to do so for several nights. When she's hungry she wakes up though, so don't worry. I've also stopped using my nursing app too- it timed the nursing sessions and kept track of when she nursed. Her one month check-up is scheduled for Friday, so I'm excited to see how much she's grown. She's definitely longer and has gained weight. She's outgrown newborn sizes and is almost too long for the 0-3 month sleepers!

It's funny how different Ramsey and Ada are already. I mentioned how easy-going Ada is, but I seriously thought Ramsey was easy-going up until Ada was born and we had the comparison. Thinking back to Ramsey as an infant, I now realize how HIGH MAINTENANCE she was! I guess it's better than thinking you had a difficult baby the first time around to find out otherwise later on HAHAHA, but still. I'm so shocked by this revelation, but it's definitely not a bad thing!

Ada's likes include her car seat (which I am SO shocked by!), back pats, tummy time, her rock 'n play, cuddles, and being in the baby wrap while we're out in public. Her dislikes are very limited- Ramsey's cold hands after eating Pop Ice, gas pains, and occasional diaper changes.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything in this update. There's just so many little moments and things I don't want to forget. I'll never take this season of life for granted. It's my very favorite and I know I'm going to miss it greatly one day.

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