Ramsey Meets Ada

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The day Ramsey met Ada was complete magic. There are no words to describe how incredible it feels when you introduce your babies to one another for the first time. I was so emotional the week before I was induced with Ada. I hoped and prayed that Ramsey would be okay with all the change that was about to happen. I wanted her to be happy and excited, and there was just no way to know how she'd react. She came running in to the hospital room looking for Ada- at least that's how it seemed to all of us. She somehow knew. We had talked about baby Ada to her my entire pregnancy, and how she was going to be a big sister. Maybe she really understood everything we told her? I made sure Ada was in the basinet when Ramsey arrived. We pointed out Ada and explained who she was, and then Ramsey sat in my lap to hold her new baby sister. MAGIC. Ramsey loved her soooo much. She actually threw a fit when Zach finally took Ada from us, and she threw a fit each time someone else held her. Ramsey wanted to hold her the entire time! I'm so in love with our girls and I can't wait to watch as their relationship develops. I hope they always know how special they are, and how lucky they are to have one another. They are truly the best gift we could've ever given them.

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