One Week With Ada

Sunday, August 12, 2018

This past week has been a complete whirlwind. It has been absolute magic- and that’s the only way I know to describe it. She fits perfectly into our lives and Zach & I both feel a sense of completeness. I think Ada will be our last baby, and I’m surprisingly okay with that.

Baby Ada is a dream. She sleeps in her crib, and typically only wakes up when I change her diaper before each nightly feed. She truly would be sleeping through the night if I didn’t wake her. The only thing that upsets her is when we wipe during a diaper change. She has the softest cry though when she actually does cry- and it melts my mama heart to hear it. I don’t want to jinx it, but she’s been SUCH an easy baby so far. Her personality is a far opposite from Ramsey- and what’s crazy is that we thought Ramsey was super easy! But now that we have Ada as a comparison it makes us realize how much harder Ramsey was as a baby.

Our first night at the hospital was quite the doozy however. Ada cluster fed the ENTIRE night. Literally after 20 minutes off, she wanted back on. Zach and I barely survived and honestly thought she was going to be the complete opposite of how she actually is. Considering all the pregnancy hiccups, we expected her to be the ‘harder’ child. I’m honestly shocked with how laid back she is.

So because of how much she cluster fed Saturday night, my milk came in FAST. I could tell on Sunday that it was happening already (it took several days with Ramsey), by Monday they were extremely full, and by Tuesday I called my doctor’s office in tears because I was so engorged and in so much pain. My armpits were even swollen- apparently that’s an actual thing that can happen. Who the heck knew?! I was so desperate that before I called the office, I resorted to pumping several times over the course of Monday and Tuesday. Obviously this doesn’t help the issue, but I wanted some relief sooo bad. And guess what- it offered no relief. The nurse gave me a few tips to hopefully make the situation more comfortable, and instructed me to STOP PUMPING. She said my supply would correct itself within about two days, just to watch for mastitis. It actually did correct itself, but I now have mastitis. Luckily I caught it early and I’ll have my prescription in a few hours, so it could definitely be a lot worse.

Luckily we’ve finally figured out the whole nursing thing though. Ada struggled to latch and latch correctly for a day or so and it was exhausting. I’m so happy we’re finally to a point where it’s coming easily to her. I’m rarely using nipple cream at this point and it’s so refreshing! I can’t believe how hard breastfeeding really is- especially in the beginning. So much frustration and tears this past week, but I know it’ll be worth it.

The biggest highlights of the past week all include Ramsey. She is the best big sister already and you can tell she truly loves Ada so so much. The first morning home with Ada, I carried her downstairs to the living room after waking up. Ramsey was already downstairs with my mom and I could hear her playing. When I got to the bottom of the stairs she looked up and saw me- and then she saw Ada. She smiled SO big and turned to run to the couch. SHE WANTED TO HOLD ADA! She climbed up in the couch so fast and then pulled the boppy around her. It was the sweetest!!

Zach went upstairs to scold Ramsey for not napping later in the week, and when he walked in Ramsey was sitting in her bed 'breastfeeding' her baby doll. He said she was so embarrassed! I hope to catch her doing the same thing at some point. Absolute sweetest thing ever!

I look forward to all the weeks to come with our sweet Ada girl. I know it's just going to get better and better from here.

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