Spring Family Portraits

Friday, May 11, 2018

It was finally time to start harrassing Zach about family pictures.. HAHAHA. It's been SIX months since we've had them taken, which I think is the longest we've ever went between them! I guess that's what happens when you not only move states (again), but also move to a very very cold state. The weather finallyyyy warmed up enough for pictures, so I jumped at the opportunity. I am so obsessed with these- which I know I always say, but I love them so much! This is my favorite set of outfits I've ever coordinated and the Minnesota sunset did not disappoint. We somehow pulled these off by ourselves too- self timer was used for all of the pictures that Zach and I are both in! It took us a whole hour to take these because of it, but we finally managed a perfect family portrait rightttt before we lost all the light (that's why it's darker and a little grainier than the others). Once our next girl is here I may have to cave and finally pay a professional, but until we absolutely fail at doing it ourselves we're not paying a dime. HA! I will treasure these forever.

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