Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We were super lucky this year and Zach had FOUR DAYS OFF! Typically he's always had to work, so we definitely took full advantage of the long weekend together. Our community pool finally opened, so we spent most of the weekend there. Ramsey LOVED the water, so I know this is how we'll probably spend all of our summer. And that's perfectly fine with me, because it means I'll actually get a tan this year. I haven't been tan since high school... ha. Aside from the prune-y feet and new tanlines, we crossed so much off our to do list! I love that we were so productive without it taking away from our weekend.

We even found time to finally visit the Como Zoo & Conservatory in the city. I purposely left the camera at home for this outing, so we could truly take in the experience with Ramsey and just enjoy the day together. She loved the animals so so much- and did I mention the zoo was FREE?! So of course we splurged on a plushie from the gift shop before we left. Ramsey was in heaven choosing from all the different stuffed animals, and they had tonsss to choose from. I didn't think she'd ever make up her mind! She actually saw them all as we walked up to the gift shop and she said, "WOAH!" Zach and I died laughing. This girl loves plushies- half of her bed is currently covered in them actually... Zach spotted the cutest walrus, and as soon as he picked it up both of Ramsey's arms shot straight out, and she was so excited about it. She hugged it all the way to the register, so it was definitely the right purchase.

This past weekend was truly the best. It gives me such high hopes for Zach's vacation time this summer. I think I may even make a list so we'll have plenty of activities to choose from when the time comes :)

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