It's A Blizzard

Monday, April 16, 2018

Minnesota is currently experiencing record snowfall for the month of April. Of course it's the year we move here.. HAHAHA. I love all the snow though, so it's okay for now. I can only imagine how sick all the locals are of snow at this point though. So we'll see how my viewpoint has changed this time next year- but until then I'm enjoying all the snowflake-y views out of our living room windows and the excitement on Ramsey's little face when she gets to play in the snow. We all had the best time together yesterday and managed to take the perfect self-timer picture to document the day. The snow in our front yard is SO HIGH right now. We had to shovel a path to walk the dogs and for Ramsey to stand in. The snow pile is taller than Ramsey Kate right now! The piles are really the only thing that bothers me about all the snowfall. It makes me feel a littleeeee bit claustrophobic, but I think shoveling is so fun so far, so the feelings balance each other out.. HA. I'm not sure how many snow days we'll have left, so we're making the best of it and truly enjoying it while we can. Who knows, maybe next week we'll be wearing shorts and sitting in the driveway with sidewalk chalk? Definitely wishful thinking!

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