Ramsey's First Snow Day

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

IT FINALLY SNOWED!! I've been waiting for it to snow since we got here, (not a long wait at all I've just been that anxious about it..lol) and we woke up to snow on Monday. Ramsey and I got to try out our new coats and boots, which I absolutely love- especially Ramsey's little pink boots!!! They are the CUTESTTTTT! I ordered mittens for Ramsey several weeks ago, but Amazon apparently decided to cancel the order instead of ship them?? Most frustrating thing, and it means Ramsey doesn't have mittens currently. Soooo I used her thick socks as little mittens, and I went without gloves so I'd be able to tell if we needed to go in or not based on how cold my hands were. It actually didn't feel that bad, but we went in after about ten minutes because Ramsey's nose started running. She had so much fun walking around in the snow though! She couldn't stop staring at the ground and looking at everything covered in snow. So here's to more snow days- and if not Ramsey got at least one wear out of the snow boots I insisted on.. lol.

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