Best. Christmas. Ever.

Friday, January 05, 2018

This Christmas was one for the books.  Everything is so much more fun with Ramsey, especially now that she's older. Watching her experience Christmas for basically the first time (she was only a few months old last Christmas) made it so much more magical. I have to say it's even more fun experiencing Christmas as a parent than it ever was as a kid. We were lucky to have several weeks at home with our families, which was quite the opposite of last year in California. So we definitely soaked it in and really enjoyed ourselves. I can't even imagine how fun next year will be- but I'm guessing it'll be even better :)

Santa's little setup turned out so perfectly. I am obsessed with her little kitchen.
The kitchen was Ramsey approved! I die over her using the phone- already taking orders and she just opened up shop. My little entrepreneur in action :)
Mama's little bow hoarder. She played with these basically all day.

She has been so obsessed with shoes lately, so naturally she wanted to try on Zach's new shoes..HAHAHAHAHA. How cute is she?!!

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