Our Home At Christmas

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas is my favorite holiday by far. I always look forward to decorating our home and this year was no different. We decided on another live tree this year, but unfortunately the few Christmas tree farms nearby were already sold out. So Walmart sufficed. Ramsey has been really rough on the tree and the ornaments she can reach. After putting the ornaments back on the tree every night, I finally gave up and there's a major pile collecting on our entry table.. and the bottom of the tree is totally empty. Toddlers. HAHA. At leastttttt she's a cutie. My favorite thing of all is the little white rocking chair my mom found for Ramsey. It's the cutestttt and Ramsey will actually sit and rock in it! Eventually I'll finish distressing my great-grandmother's rocking chair and we can be twins! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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