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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ramsey and I spent the week of Thanksgiving back home. (Zach had a game the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so he had to stay in Statesboro unfortunately.) I had the bright idea to drive up the Monday before Thanksgiving, and then drive back the Monday afterwards. BEST IDEA EVER. We made the trip in four hours both ways!! New record time anddddd it was at Thanksgiving. Typically it takes at least four and a half or five hours, so I'm still super stoked about it. Anyone that has kids will understand how big of a difference 30 minutes less in a car can make. HUGE DEAL. So I've decided to do the same whenever we go home from now on. Monday is the best travel day ever.

So anyways, our week home was a little different than originally planned. My Mawmaw Kathy (my dad's mom) passed away and her memorial service was Tuesday in Nashville. We somehow survived the day with Ramsey- it's around a two hour drive one-way and we traveled round-trip in the same day. She wasn't able to nap because of the timing and busy-ness of the day, so the ride home was rough. I don't think she slept any in the car... which meant constant Youtube videos to survive.

On Thanksgiving Day we ate at Cracker Barrel instead of cooking for just the five of us. MISTAKE. We took these family pictures in the backyard beforehand, so we arrived around one o'clock. MISTAKEEEE. We waited for an hour and a half just to be seated.. We've all decided that next year we'll place a to-go order.. lol. The food was delicious so it was totally worth it, and our family pictures are totally precious. So overall a win-win. Mom has been wanting family pictures taken for so long, but something always comes up, so she was super excited we actually followed through with it. She even ordered Christmas cards, and I can't wait to see them in person- they looked so cute in the online preview!

Unfortunately Ramsey and I are both a little sick right now- first time Ramsey has ever been sick! She's just a little snotty and has an occasional cough. I'm borderline sinus infection and so is my sister. Hopefully we're all better soon- oh! and I'll end with one last story. The one time I forgot the Nose Frida (look it up of you don't know what I'm talking about) was the one time I actually needed it. They suck the snot out of a baby's nose when they're sick in case you don't know. Well Ramsey was a snotty mess, so while we were all in Chattanooga for dinner, we stopped by Target to get one. We get back to the car and I open it up to use it. Lets just say Ramsey ended up HATING it, but anyway, the sound it makes is so disugusting. It sounds like when you're drinking through a straw but there's a microscopic amount of drink left.. My dad almost had to get out of the car- he's not good with stuff like that HAHAHAHA. Thank goodness he didn't throw up in the car. Last thing we needed!

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