Friday, November 03, 2017

How is October already over?! This month has been so much fun with Ramsey- especially Halloween. We took her trick-or-treating to a little neighborhood and then stopped by a friend's Halloween party. She crashed as soon as we got home and then I stayed up Netflix-binging and eating (all) the Halloween candy. I'm going to really miss watching Hocus Pocus every afternoon, and I know Ramsey will too. She LOVES it and her eyes never leave the screen. The only other movies that keep her attention like this are Sing and Trolls- both have tons of singing which she loves, so it actually surprised me how much she liked Hocus Pocus since it only has like one singing scene. I guess now we can start watching Christmas moviessssss, which makes it all a little less depressing. I took these pictures the Saturday before Halloween- my parents visited for the weekend so I took advantage of the assistance. She's impossible to take pictures of anymore, but luckily with their help I was able to get some good shots!

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  1. Ok, she is so stinking cute!! I love that flamingo costume.