Photo Dump: October 2017

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

-October 4, 2017-

For game day I dressed Ramsey in her little jersey (we announced my pregnancy with this jersey!) and of course I had to snap a few pictures! She showed off her game face and even picked her nose for the camera.. LOL.

-October 18, 2017-

We finallyyyy had cooler weather (for like a day), and we took advantage of her jeggings and sweatshirt. HOW PRECIOUS IS SHE?! She has the cutest little figure and I didn't realize just how cute it really was until I put these jegging on her.

-October 27, 2017-

Zach's parents bought Ramsey the cutest Halloween jammies- Hello Kitty of course. I tried my best to get a few pictures of her wearing them, but it was basically a fail. She's IMPOSSIBLE these days!

-October 30, 2017-

This is probably my favorite fall outfit of hers. I'm obsessed with all of it- especially her new moccasins from Freshly Picked. Worth every penny!

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