Twelve Months

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We had the very best day celebrating yesterday- we survived year one!! I can't get over how grown up she's looking lately, and I definitely can't believe how quickly the past year has flown by. Zach and I watched a few of our old vlogs the night before her birthday. I've watched them so many times, especially the birth vlog, but it was so different this time. I can't believe how truly tinyyyy she was. Obviously I cried. She's just the most perfect little girl and I can't believe she's ours. This first year went by so incredibly fast and was full of so much adventure and change. I look forward to what our next year together has in store.

 On to the Ramsey updates-

She has the biggest personality for such a little human- only 18 pounds and stilllllll wearing 6-9 month clothes. I don't think she's ever going to outgrow them either. She's been wearing this size since she was five months old.. We've literally been repeating the same outfits for half of her life. She grew SO fast in the beginning and outgrew her clothes so quickly that she didn't get a chance to wear everything. Now it's the complete opposite- I'm wanting to dress her in new outfits and they're just way too big. No rush though- I don't want her to grow too fast.

She is always on the move- scaling the furniture and still army crawling even though she can totally crawl normal, but chooses not to. Standing is a new favorite and her balance is so good! Still not walking, but she has taken her first couple of steps. Honestly, I feel like she totally could walk but chooses not to- kinda like the army crawling thing. Zach wants her to walk so bad he can hardly stand it. Me on the other hand, I'm in no hurry. When she's ready to walk she will. That's how it's been with everything so far. It sounds kinda bad to say it, but I didn't work with her on rolling over, or crawling, pulling up, anything. She's done it all in her own time. I think sometimes parents rush the process- no judgement, but that's just not me. When she's ready it will happen. And by no means does physical ability reflect intelligence. I think that's something people try to link together a little too often. I just want to let her be little while she can and not add the pressure society puts on children to meet 'milestones.' It's gonna happen. No reason to rush it :)

She now has three teeth, and is sporting the cutest snaggletooth smile. When her bottom teeth came in she acted completely normal. No teething signs- no drooling, crankiness, lack of sleep. This top tooth was quite different. It threw off her sleep schedule completelyyyyy. She stopped sleeping through the night.. such a joy for both of us. She was pitiful and mama was exhausted. We made it through that week of constant wake-ups though, and now she has the CUTEST top tooth ever. She's totally gonna have a little gap too. Zach and I joke that she never stood a chance- I have a gap, and before he had braces he had one too. I think they totally add character, so I'm pretty excited to see it when the second top tooth makes its appearance :)

She claps and thinks it's the funniest thing ever, and is OBSESSED with waving. Ramsey and I traveled home to visit for a week during fall camp, and we were sitting out in the front yard with my mom (on a quilt, in the shade, with baby toys). This is when she was just starting to be interested in waving. Every car that drove by was waved at- arm straight up in the air, hand flapping away. IT. WAS. THE. CUTEST. We were literally dying. She went through the shortest phase ever with this unfortunately- she still waves, but the straight-up-in-the-air-arm was my very favorite thing ever.

Well, this is our last monthly update. I'm having a hard time accepting it, so I might just have to continue these..

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