Eleven Months

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

We're in the homestretch of Ramsey Kate's first year! I've said it before and I'll continue saying it- I cannot believe how quickly time is passing! We're officially in planning mode for her first birthday party and it is so. much. fun. I've made a few purchases and it's coming together so perfectly :)

On to her developments-

She's sleeping in her own room now and is (somewhat) consistently sleeping through the night now- life. changing. stuff. people. We tried moving her from the pack n play to her crib, but she was not a fan whatsoever. She made sure to leave her mark on it though, putting those two bottom teeth to good use. It looks like she was tally-marking her time spent.. LOL. I die every time I see it now. Too funny!

She is absolutely obsessed with puppies, especially her own. Her newest word is actually 'Laney' and she says it constantly- even yells it to call for her. We always joked that 'Laney' would be her first word because of how much we say it. Laney is literally always being scolded, so it's no surprise that it's Ramsey's third addition to her growing vocab. With that being said though, she's been saying a lot of new sounds and words. Just not really repeating and attaching meaning to anything else just yet. And to elaborate on her obsession with puppies- we saw a dog at Lowe's while shopping for the stain for our new dining room table. She keyed in on it SO FAST and would not take her eyes off it! Safe to say she's an animal lover just like her mama :)

She points at everything and is finally starting to wave. It's so dang cute too!! We're definitely still working on the wave, but she's beginning to get it. High fives will be next on our list. And as much as I love the pointing now, I know that as she gets older I'll have to teach her it isn't very 'polite' hahahahaha. It's funny how things are going to shift from being cute to not so cute after all.

She went through the worst phase ever this month- screaming all the time and for every emotion possible. Barely survived it to be honest.. It's SO shrill and very very loud to say the least. She still does it occasionally, but there was a solid week or so of nothing but constant screaming. NOT FUN. So the occasional scream is a lot better than what we were dealing with.

Which leads me to the next thing we started this past month- discipline. The screaming was so bad we had to be proactive about it. Light pops on those baby thighs definitely helped her realize we didn't want her screaming. And stern 'NO's'. She wasn't a fan of either- she would literally break down in sobs. Literally broke my heart into tiny pieces. And it was just the sobs, it was the puckered lip and the heartbroken face that accompanied them. Discipline is NO FUN.

She's the sweetest little human and is the best little sharer- always sharing her food and toys, so it makes up for it. I hope the sharing continues and we never have an issue, but I know that's just wishful thinking. I always praise her whenever she shares, so fingers crossed!!

 Our girl still isn't walking, but she's starting to test her balance and can stand for a few seconds on her own. She's already gotten so much more confident moving around, and she rarely topples over anymore so I think it's only a matter of time before she really starts testing the waters. I'm in absolutely no hurry for those first steps- I'm enjoying her as she is, because I know things are only going to get a lot more difficult once she's really moving!

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