Breastfeeding Favorites

Monday, July 31, 2017

Breastfeeding has pretty much came to end for Ramsey and I. It was such a beautiful experience for us, and luckily our only issue was when she bit me with her first tooth.. I want others to have the same positive experience, so I'm sharing my favorite products with you today. They're all pretty straight forward, but I hope you take away a few tips too!

1. NIPPLE CREAM- You absolutely need this. Start using months before your due date too. I started using it daily a couple months out, and then used twice daily the last few weeks before I had Ramsey. I never had problems with cracking nipples, and my sensitivity only lasted the first few days. You can thank me later :)

2. TUMBLER- You're going to be thirsty while nursing, so do yourself a favor and have a dedicated tumbler. This one will hold enough water to last through your nursing session, and is too cute.

3. SWADDLE BLANKETS- Hear me out- you're probably wondering why these are on my breastfeeding favorites list.. IT'S BECAUSE THEY'RE BETTER THAN NURSING COVERS! I was gifted a Milk Snob cover at my baby shower, but it ended up being a pain to use. Ramsey and I would both sweat because it trapped heat and it was awkward to configure. I started using her swaddles for this task, and it was a much better experience. Swaddles are light and breathable, so we didn't get hot. I didn't struggle to configure it like I did the Milk Snob cover- and it was SO much faster at getting her the milk she would be screaming for. Because of how large the swaddles are, I could pull them around my back to cover if needed too. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.

4. NURSING PILLOW- I never nursed Ramsey without this (if we were home). Your arms will want a break, trust me. Worth every penny!

5. NURSING BRA- This one's a little obvious, but I had to include this cute one in my list!!

6. BURP CLOTHS- These should always be on hand. I never realized the importance until I had spit up down my shoulder, and back, and everywhere else.

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