Tips For Photographing Kids

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

1. Get on the same level.

This is the first thing I always do. By getting on their level you are able to capture the background rather than just the floor. You'll see the world as they see it- and their perspective only adds to the charm of the photographs you take,

2. Shoot in continuous mode.

Continuous mode means exactly what it sounds like- continuous shooting. Instead of clicking and only capturing one shot, hold down the shutter button to capture continuously. You will take tons of pictures this way- but it means you're less likely to miss that smile or laugh. To enable this mode for your specific camera, check your owner's manual or run a Google search.

3. Step back and observe.

Capture candidly by stepping back and shooting things as they happen naturally. Observe what they are doing- and capture that instead of posing the shot. This makes for a much happier subject, trust me.

4. Place and capture.

On the rare occasion that I do pose my daughter, I always step back after posing her and capture from there. For example, when taking her monthly pictures there are certain poses I try to capture- lying on the fur rug on her back, sitting up, a shot on her belly, etc. I'll place her wherever I want her- sitting up on her fur rug- and then I'll step back and capture what she does. You cannot force anything to happen. I repeat- you cannot force anything to happen.

5. Follow them in action. 

This means you may have to think ahead, and you'll definitely need to be fast. For example, to capture my daughter from the front while she's crawling I will need to observe where she's headed and beat her there to capture the angle I want. Sometimes this is easier said than done- trust me! The action shots are more than worth the effort it takes. 

6.  Acting a fool and favorite toys go a long way.

Want their attention? Make a funny sound, dance, crack a joke, shake that favorite toy as close to the camera lens as you can get it. Different combinations work depending on the day. When in doubt, act as ridiculous as you possibly can. This is how I get my daughter to smile and laugh on camera typically. If blank stares are your thing then just disregard this tip entirely and continue being normal.

6. Be patient.

I can't stress this enough. I have the philosophy, "I get what I get." There's no reason to add pressure or tension to the situation. It only makes it frustrating for everyone involved. Some days will go better than others. Just make the best of it and be patient.

I hope these tips help! Please let me know if you have any questions. You can click here to read about what's in my camera bag.

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  1. Def patience in photographing! My children hate photos now that they are older so it totally requires lots of patience.

  2. Photographing my little one is always a challenge! I'm excited to try your tips

  3. Those are amazing tips, really I wanted something of this to have great pictures of my lil one.

  4. I love "be patient" because that is SO true. Kids just don't get it, but when we are patient you can get the sweetest picture filled with kid joy!