Ten Months

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

These pictures are getting more and more difficult! She refuses to lay on her back now, so diaper changes are quite the struggle lately too. She instantly rolls over and starts crawling away! She gives me a run for my money these days, that's for sure. Standing is her absolute favorite. She spends all of her time pulling up and scaling the furniture- and she's into EVERYTHING. I store our DVDs in baskets under the tv stand and she goes straight to them whenever I sit her down to play. She DESTROYS them- pulling down the baskets, pulling the DVDs out individually, and putting them back in.

We made the switch from baby food to table food and she's definitely a fan- so is mama because now she feeds herself too!  She loves pancakes and eggs, hotdogs (I buy the angus beef, not the digusting ones), and bread. Watermelon and ice cream are her favorites though, but I limit them because she definitely doesn't need all the sugar. She has plenty of energy all on her own.

Nursing is coming to end- we've started formula and it's been life changing. After she bit me last month (which led to an infection, doctor's visit, and antibiotic), she bit me a few more times. Luckily never breaking the skin, but I was such a nervous wreck about it. While the first bite was healing, I started pumping. Nursing was just too painful at the time. It was then that I realized how little I was producing compared to when I pumped before our move to Fresno. Come to find out, Ramsey had lost a pound between her 6 and 9 month appointment. After talking with the pediatrician, we came to the conclusion to start formula. So she gave us a few samples to try, and we started the same day. Ramsey loved it!! She didn't act any different about it compared to the breast milk I had pumped the prior week. I still pull her into bed with me in the mornings and she nurses, but besides that it's pretty much all formula. I'm so happy she likes it, and I can already tell she's gained a little weight. 

She was a travelin' baby this month too- first cruise, first trip out of the country (Mexico), and she added a new state to her list (Florida). We cruised on the Carnival Paradise from Tampa, FL to Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico and we had the BEST TIME! My mom, dad, and sister were with us and it made it even more fun. I'll wrote a blog post about it (click here to read), so I won't go into detail here.

She has a two word vocabulary now- she finally said 'dada!' She woke up our first morning on the cruise saying it over and over and over. It literally made Zach's whole life. It's so sweet to hear her little voice and I'm excited about her growing vocab. OH- a second tooth popped through this past month too! She now has two teeth- both of her bottoms. She instantly looked more toddler as soon as it popped through. I can't imagine her having top teeth. She's going to look so adulttttt! I just can't take it- she's growing and changing so quickly. We're officially in the homestretch of year one!

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