Cruisin' To Mexico & VLOG

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Our cruise to Mexico was so much fun that I'm still having major withdrawals. We spent a week on the Carnival Paradise alongside my family (mom, dad, and sister), and I'm so glad they were there to experience Ramsey's (and Zach's!) first cruise with us. We crammed ourselves and all the luggage into my Honda. We were definitely loaded down for the five hour drive from Statesboro to Tampa. Luckily, Ramsey Kate does much better riding now that she has a new car seat, so it wasn't completely miserable. We somehow arrived early to the port, and got straight onto the ship. We forgot the sleeve the pack 'n play folds up into for storage, so we had to lug it around until we got to our room- super unfortunate, buttttt Ramsey slept so well in it the entire week! This was the only thing I was worried about going into the trip.

I won't go into too much detail since we vlogged, but here's how the week went-
  • DAY ONE- Our travel day- the day we boarded the ship. Complete success in my book!
  • DAY TWO- First day at sea. We spent a little time at the pool after breakfast, but it was entirely too crowded for our taste. We recouped from the previous day of travel and then went to dinner, followed by a comedy show.
  • DAY THREE- Cozumel! We had a tour guide for a few hours, so we visited the Mayan ruins on the island and then spent time at Mr. Sancho's Beach Resort. The water was rough from an approaching storm, so Zach and my dad weren't able to snorkel off the beach as planned. Luckily, there was a pool though, so Ramsey got her first pool experience! She LOVED it!!! We went back to the ship for lunch and Ramsey's nap time, and then headed back out for shopping. 
  • DAY FOUR- Costa Maya. This was everyone's favorite day- and for good reason. We rented a six-seat golf cart to get around the island. We drove through the downtown area first thing, so it wasn't crowded and all the way down to a beach called ShipWreck'd. The road to get there was really rough, but it only made it more fun. We then drove back to Maya Bar, a little beach area that was included in our golf cart rental. Charlie either worked there or owned it, not sure, but he told us to drive through downtown and then return so we'd beat the crowds. And he was totally right- there was so much traffic on our way back. He was literally the sweetest guy, so if you're ever in Costa Maya go see him! Everyone but Ramsey and I snorkeled off the beach, but I did make it out into the water with Zach before we left. And Ramsey got a little time with her toes in the waves. We actually got to shop while there too- locals were walking around asking if we were interested in buying things and there were a few shops lining the beach front. We actually bought Zach a leather bracelet and I caved and bought the cutest beach bag. It was the PERFECT DAY! ------ Ramsey had a TOTAL meltdown at dinner this night. We had been borderline struggling every night at dinner, because she wasn't getting in full naps like usual. This night was by far the worst though. I honestly didn't think we'd even make it to the dining room, much less through dinner. I was spoon-feeding her baby food while she sat in the high chair, and I remember thinking to myself, "We might actually make it though dinner!" She was sitting there so composed and well-behaved, just eating. Then our waiter walked by and totally nailed her highchair. It scooted a good foot or so. She was stunned at first, but when he bent down to her level to apologize she totally lost it. I mean LOST IT. She made a scene about it too. It started as the saddest little pucker face, and then turned into a full-blown meltdown. She's never been so upset before. We all felt bad of course, but then we noticed a noodle from her mac + cheese baby food stuck to the roof of her mouth. It was hilarious but sad at the same time.                                                                                                              
  • DAY FIVE- Our last day at sea. We didn't vlog this day, but we spent several hours at the pool before it got too crowded and explored the ship. We played mini-golf on the top deck too!! So much fun.
  • DAY SIX- Disembarkation. Saddest day ever.

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  1. Loving all the photos! It looks like it was an amazing trip!

  2. Your family is just precious! It looks like you had a great time on your trip!

  3. Wow! Sounds like an amazing trip! I love all of your pictures. Your daughter is adorable and I love her name. We've never taken a cruise, but it sounds like it's the way to go for a family vacation.

  4. Aw it looks like you had so much fun! She looks like she is loving it!

  5. Ramsey is just adorable!!! Love her cute little Target bathing suite. Mexico is definitely on our list to visit!