Ramsey's First Easter

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter has been my favorite holiday with Ramsey so far. I think it's because she's so much more aware of things now and understands more than she did at Christmas- which makes me so excited for Christmas this year. We set our alarms Saturday night so we'd have plenty of time to get ready for church, but of course we were up hours earlier. Ramsey is our alarm now.. I don't even know why we thought she'd let us sleep any later than 7:30. We snuggled in bed and then Zach and Ramsey made pancakes while I showered. I brought her Easter basket into the bedroom and Zach sat her down beside it. Watching her pull everything out of the basket was so much fun. She has the sweetest little spirit and was so gentle with everything, taking her time examining it all.

We somehow managed to make it out the door a whole minute early and we even made it to church early. We tried out a new church and we both really loved it. It reminded us so much of our church back home. Everyone was friendly and welcoming- we felt so comfortable, so we plan on going back this Sunday. Ramsey loved the music and sang along, but that's about all her and I got to experience. Service started at 11 and Ramsey typically takes her first nap around 10-10:30, soooooo she was a littleeee cranky. So we've seen the bathroom, nursery, and nursing room all within a 45 minute time span.. hahaha. Zach basically looked like he was single, but that's okay 😂

A friend invited us to her family's Easter get-together after church, and it was SO MUCH FUN! We weren't able to travel home, so it was really nice to be included by another family. With that being said, Ramsey didn't nap until we got home around 3:30 (besides the little power naps in her car seat).. Typically she's on her second nap at this point so you'd assume she would have been horribleee, but surprisingly she was pretty happy go lucky. Zach and I watched Grey's Anatomy while she slept and we're soooo close to being caught up now. All in all, it was definitely a successful Easter with my favorites!

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