Family Pictures + Ten Things

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

We finally made time to take family pictures over the weekend- and I am soooo obsessed with them!! We had to use the self-timer and tripod for our group shots which is never ideal (especially with an infant..), but somehow we pulled it off. I'm determined for Laney and Lexi to make an appearance one of these days- it's just not possible without an actual photographer. Don't worry though- they are still loved and adored, especially by Ramsey Kate. She is obsessed with them to say the least.

Ten Things-

1. Ramsey Kate has recently started fighting me on things- like wearing her headbands and beach hats. It crushed my heart the first few times she yanked them off. And it will every time she does it in the future. Luckily she's been wearing her headbands lately and didn't give us any trouble over it during our pictures.

2. We are swimming in a sea of dog hair over here. I literally clean the floors every other day MINIMUM. Lexi just sheds soooo bad it's unreal. Any tips would be much appreciated.

3. The other night Zach took Ramsey to the bedroom to change her diaper. I was listening to him talk to her and he says something like, "Do you know how many times you peed and pooped while I was changing your diaper when you were little?" He pauses as if he's waiting for her to guess. "A lot. And it was bad." Totally precious.

4. I remember telling everyone not to buy "clunkers" as shower gifts when I was pregnant. "Clunkers" is defined as bulky kids toys aka jumperoos, walkers, swings, bouncers, etc. Literally my living room is swimming in clunkers right now.. And I would gladly accept more if it meant Ramsey would be entertained for an additional five minutes. Some days mama needs a break!

5. I'm so excited for all of Zach's time off this summer. I'm planning lots of little days trips and adventures for all of us. Anddddd we have a cruise with my family next month!! I love love love how much Ramsey has seen and done in such a short amount of time. I joke that we've set the bar high because we totally have, but that's okay.

6. Any time the dogs approach Ramsey, whether they are paying attention to her or not, she gets SO excited. She reaches out for them, and she ends up with handfuls of hair in the end. They are so patient with her despite the tugging on their collars, whisker pulls, and tail grabs.

7. I've decided to start back into photography. Not that I ever stopped- I've obviously been taking tons of personal pictures, but I'm finally ready to start taking them for others again.

8. Laney had ringworm a few weeks ago. She picked it up while we were visiting family back home, and she's officially in the clear. We had her quarantined in a massive dog crate for two weeks while we treated her- it's super contagious and we didn't want Lexi or Ramsey to get it. So she's loving all the couch cuddles and free reign now.

9. I've started using self tanner since we went to the beach. I WAS SO PASTY in all the pictures, and obviously I'm not going to lay out or go to a tanning bed. So I'm using Jergen's Instant Sun. I really really like it. It goes on so smooth and I can tell a difference shortly after applying it. Since I'm home so much during the week, I'm only using it on the weekends for now. I will say- the color seems to last almost a full week though. You can use it multiple days in a row to build the color, too.

10. It's so much harder to write these than I thought it would be! Anyway- Zach's parents came to visit for his birthday over the weekend. We played my absolute favorite board game Saturday night- CLUE. I was legitimately the underdog. Everyone had pretty much solved the case, and there I was with literally a few check marks on my note pad. Somehow I pulled through and won- my ten year old self is insanely proud.

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