Eight Months

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

She's still sleeping in her own bed at night, and I think we've almost mastered nap time.. knock on wood! She's doing so much better with being put down for naps- and she took TWO two hour naps today!! I feel like such a better mom on days like these. A little me time recharges my batteries and makes me appreciate my time with her more after she wakes up. (Not that I don't appreciate my time with her on the not-so-good nap days cause I totally do. I'm just very exhausted LOL) She still gives us a little fuss at bedtime when we put her down, and wakes up at least once every night if not two or three times.. sooooo I think we're going to transition her to her own room within the next few weeks.

She's officially on the move- army crawling everywhere, and she's FAST. Last month she started to make a little progress on 'crawling' but then stopped for a solid two weeks completely. She literally woke up one day and decided she wanted to scoot around on her belly all the time. She's now into everything even more than before. I'll sit her in the middle of her play mat and she'll end up circling the entire living room. She lovesss crawling under the coffee table- she slaps her palms as loud as she can whenever she's under it, and the basket under the coffee table is her favorite. I've started keeping her toys in it instead of my laptop and camera.. smart move LOL. And she hasn't figured out why she can't fit under the couch yet, despite her many attempts. Her little arms fit and she reaches under but her head is just entirely too big. I laugh whenever she tries to squeeze under. It's just the sweetest.

She loves when we help her stand, and I don't think it'll be too much longer until she's successfully pulling up and doing it herself. She has a Fisher Price walking toy that has wheels and a handle all the way across the top. She'll grab onto the front of it and pull herself from sitting to her knees. And then of course it rolls forward and she ends up her belly. If it wasn't for the wheel I think she'd be close to standing.

Some days she's completely independent and others she's a stage five clinger, but I'm enjoying the cuddles while I can. I know they won't last forever, so I'm soaking them in for sure. She's still a mama's girl for now, but is always so excited when daddy gets home. She's typically in her walker whenever he comes through the door, and she runs up to him with her little arms reaching up. It's the sweetest!!!! It definitely melts Zach's heart too. I secretly always want her to be a mama's girl, and I love that I'm her favorite person right now. I've invested quite a lot into our relationship to say the least, so it feels really good to know she loves me so much.

She loves loves loves music and even sings along with us sometimes. She'll kick her legs to music and move her arms. Zach loves it and hopes she'll be a singer. I'm not even kidding. Anyone that knows Zach knows that he's obsessed with music- always on Youtube finding new artists and playing their songs to everyone. He sits with Ramsey almost every night and they listen together.

As far as parenting goes I still have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but we're alive so that counts for something. I know that no one's the perfect parent, but I hope I'm doing the important things right. I love her so much, more than I ever thought possible, and I know I'll love her even more tomorrow. I say it all the time, but I love being her mama. It's the best, most important job in the world and I never want to take any of it- or her- for granted. I'm excited for this next month with her and I can't wait to experience more milestones and firsts with her!

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