A Room For Ramsey

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ramsey's room is finally complete! It's quite the upgrade from the little nursery nook at our last place. In Fresno she had her own room, but I didn't get it completed before we moved back. Luckily everything survived the move and fit perfectly into her new space. I've been obsessed with the simple little ledge bookcases since I was pregnant, but we didn't have the wall space needed before. They were one of the first purchases I made in Fresno, and I love that her board books and hardcovers are on display. I bought the matching dresser online- I love the unique top, but plan to replace the generic drawer knobs eventually. I've been holding on to the lamp foreverrrrrr, because I knew it would be perfect for a little girl's nursery. I love love love it! My great grandmother's rocking chair fits perfectly in the corner- however I plan to stain it or paint it. Zach stripped it last year and we never had a chance to finish it. It still serves it's purpose though- and is the perfect story time spot. I wanted a massive mirror for above the dresser, but struggled to find what I was looking for. So I ordered a canvas print of one of Ramsey's newborn pictures. I got lucky and Target had the PERFECT color curtains for her room. They are lined too, so once Ramsey starts napping and sleeping in her room at night I can pull the curtains closed and make the room really dark. My mom bought the rocking bunny as a Christmas present and I am obsessed with it! I think it completes the wholeeee room. Everything else is from her nursery nook before. I linked some of the items below.

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Mini Crib: Amazon // Dresser: Amazon // Crib Sheet: Amazon // Crib Skirt: Amazon
Crib Mattress: Amazon // Canvas Print: Easy Canvas Prints // Curtains: Target
Curtain Rod: Target // Book Ledges: Target // Laundry Basket: Target 

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  1. What a beautiful room! I've never really decorated our kids' room, as I'm not great with decor, but it really adds something special! Great job!

  2. What an adorable room! I especially love the tassels hanging from the bookshelf!

    xo, Helene

  3. Her room is adorable! I love the color scheme you selected. It's so bright and happy and perfect for a little lady's room.

  4. you did an amazing job, such a sweet room. I especially love the photograph.

  5. What a precious room. I love the colors and the over-sized canvas. Gorgeous.

    The How-to Guru

  6. I'm OBSESSED with the decor!!!! Oh my goodness! Picture perfect and Pinterest Perfect!