Six Months

Friday, February 17, 2017

She's obsessed with cups, loves her walker- and terrorizing the dogs every second she's in it, has an appetite that challenges my own, and is constantly rolling around when I lay her down- even during diaper changes. She's developed a solid sense of humor- she laughs at things I do and say, and she can't get enough of the tickle monster. She's even more vocal than before- chatting away constantly and sometimes we scream back and forth for fun. 

Fake coughing is a new favorite and she legitimately made me question if she was actually sick or not because she's so persistent! She is definitely wiggling around as much as possible now. Her armpits, belly, and inner thighs are SO ticklish! Hence the tickle monster fun we've been having lately. She loves when I snort like a pig, so of course I do it as often as I can. It takes so much effort to do, but it's worth it. Stranger anxiety is very real right now- she definitely favors her mama. It's the sweetest thing seeing her reach out for me, but so heartbreaking that she won't let anyone else love on her.

She's wanting the boob less and baby food more. Sweet potato is her current fave. She's not a fan of green veggies, but will give in and eat them when I alternate bites with another food. She threw her first tantrum (or two) by screaming in restaurants, and it's because we wouldn't let her hold our cups... What can you do at this point really, so we had to take her to the car. She stays busy sucking her bottom lip and by getting into anything and everything she possibly can. It's officially time to baby proof. She's opening drawers, finding cords and pulling on them, touching plugins and tracing them with her fingers.. you name it and she's doing it.

Note: Baby proofing hasn't been completed yet only because we literally don't have anything here. Everything is still in California and we are living off an air mattress with a few other essentials that we shipped. YAY, moving! Which I have to say I am totally over at this point.. especially with a baby and two dogs.

She doesn't mind her car seat as much now, but it's about time to upgrade. I've been busy researching convertible car seats for a while now. Whatever we decide to buy she'll have for several years, so I want to be completely sure before we buy!

She's the sweetest girl, and I feel so lucky to be her mama. To say I'm obsessed with her is an understatement. This has been my absolute favorite month yet.

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