Photo Dump: January 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

- January 8, 2017 -

Before we left Fresno, Ramsey Kate had her first bath in the tub. Note: Zach was wearing shorts- not naked..

- January 12, 2017 -

Hotel life made the cutest little backdrop- so of course I had to document. This girl is a HAM.

- January 28, 2017 -

^I just realized that I no longer have the original of this photo!! I had to save this from Facebook. It's cropped at the top and bottom from posting through Instagram. I AM SO SAD!!! I have no idea how it happened.^

Don't judge the bottom right- I had to share because look at her smile!! Even if it's the most unflattering of me.. hahahaha. We were color coordinating for a baby shower and there was justttt enough light to snap a few quick pictures when we got home, so of course I jumped at the opportunity.

- January 31, 2017 -

 She loves her new walker- and her reflection in the dishwasher :)

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