Goodbye California

Monday, January 16, 2017

WE'RE MOVINGGGGG.. again. Zach accepted a job offer at Georgia Southern University. He will be the Director of Recruiting, which is a step in the right direction for his career. So we're officially moving back to Statesboro. Luckily this time we have a larger moving allowance, so we won't be driving across the country all over again- I refused to anyway. Everything is currently still in California (even our cars) besides two suitcases and three duffle bags worth of belongings. Zach will be flying back to Fresno the first weekend in February to meet with the moving company, and Ramsey Kate and I will join him in Statesboro when he returns.

For now, Zach is living the dream on an air mattress in our new townhome in Statesboro. The dogs, Ramsey, and I are back home visiting with our families. Ramsey and I were in Statesboro with Zach to begin with, but hotel life with an infant is absolutely no fun. On a side note, moving back is definitely less stressful than the move out to California. Finding a place was MUCH easier since we know the area. It just feels like home, and as much as I loved the west coast, it's good to be back closer to family and friends.

With that being said..

I'm not going to lie, I miss it. I'm not quite dramatic enough to say "my heart is still in California," but that doesn't mean it hasn't crossed my mind a few (thousand) times. We had five Targets within a 10-15 minute drive of our apartment. You read that correctly- FIVE. Uprooting our lives and leaving for California wasn't an easy feat- especially considering the timing of it all. We've all heard inspirational quotes about living outside your comfort zone and taking risks. That's what saying yes to California, to the Fresno State job offer was for us. It was a completely blind leap of faith and the hope of a smooth landing- all while a sweet baby girl was freshly thrown into the mix.

I think maybe that's what I truly find myself longing for when I miss California- the sense of endless opportunity and excitement for something risky and uncertain. I wish we would've traveled more. Saw more. Did more. Of course at the time we felt like we had at least another year, so I'm thrilled with everything we did do. And with a baby that isn't a fan of her car seat, anything more would've been too much. But still- the Painted Ladies, Alcatraz, Malibu, and Yosemite are all still calling my name, only this time from a much further distance than before.

If I've learned anything it's this- life should be filled with adventure, opportunities should not be passed up or taken lightly, and leaps of faith should be taken. Always.

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