San Francisco Day Trip & VLOG

Saturday, December 10, 2016

I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!!!! It's my favorite city we've ever visited- well almost. New York is a close tie for first place. It's so incredibly charming- absolutely everything I expected it to be. The hills, stacked houses/apartments, and the tiniesttttt blocks with traffic lights on top of one another set the most beautiful landscape and mood. The city is so compact! So much more than I expected it to be, and I knew it would be beforehand. Traffic was a nightmare and parking was impossible. Even with those minor setbacks, the charm of the city and the grand scale of the Golden Gate Bridge more than made up for it. Nothing (video or photo) can do San Francisco justice- not even close.

We started the day with a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. We planned on stopping by the Golden Gate Welcome Center (which is the last exit before the bridge) buttttt we totally missed it. I swear it was not advertised at all beforehand AND Google maps didn't say anything! I have a theory- the more people that miss the exit, the more money is made off tolls when driving back across the bridge. ANYWAY, it ended up being quite the blessing. We got to drive across the bridge which is an absolute must do. We stopped at the first exit across the bridge- Vista Point. Parking was free and there was actually some availability. The view was breathtaking. The bridge is so much larger in person than you could imagine. We of course took obligatory pictures, but I wasn't thrilled with the view of the bridge in the background. I always envisioned a side profile of the bridge and this wasn't quiteee a side profile. We could see a road across from where we were that led to a few scenic overlooks. To our disappointment, there wasn't any parking so we weren't able to stop. I did capture footage for the vlog here though! Absolutely breathtaking! We could not believe how beautiful it looked.

We struggled on our way to Pier 39. Navigating San Francisco, especially with the heavy traffic, is so difficult. It's nearly impossible to tell which upcoming street you are supposed to turn down until it's almost too late. Finding parking was even more difficult than getting there. We finally decided on a $10/hour public parking garage across the street. You read that right. TEN DOLLARS AN HOUR. It was worth it though. We explored Pier 39, watched the sea lions, and stopped for a late lunch/early dinner before heading back to the car.

Our last event of our day trip was to see Lombard Street. It's famous for being 'the crookedest street in America' or something like that. I didn't plan on driving it, but Zach insisted. SO FUN! It's definitely a must do as well. I had wanted to visit Alamo Park and see the Painted Ladies (the houses in the Full House intro), but Ramsey Kate was fussy and I knew we would have a difficult time getting there and find parking. So instead, we headed back to Fresno. I am already planning our next visit. I've already gotten a few recommendations from friends, and I've found a few more spots online that we want to visit.

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  1. SanFrancisco! We dream of going. My husband went once and complained about the cost of parking too, but said ti was totally worth it!

  2. Gahh! 1st, such a cutie! 2nd, I love a trip with funk and history, So San Fran would be an awesome trip! I've only driven through, unfortunately, sounds awesome though!

  3. I love San Fransisco - such an awesome city! Looks like you had an AWESOME time!