LA Day Trip & VLOG

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Los Angeles was everything I expected it to be and more- completely FABULOUS. Definitely one of my favorite cities we've visited and one of my favorite trips we've taken together- even though it was only a day trip, which I think says a lot. It was such a laid back trip compared to San Francisco. We were able to relax and really take everything in. Traffic wasn't bad at all- until the drive home that is.

We started the day at the Griffith Observatory. The view of the city was breathtaking and we got our first look at the Hollywood sign. After researching online, I found a dog park with an incredible up-close view of the sign, which is where we headed next. We packed our lunch and had a picnic in the shade of a tree at the park. Then we obviously posed for a few (aka hundreds) of photos in front of the sign. We left for the Walk of Fame, where we parked at Hollywood & Highland. I pictured an outlet mall in my mind, but was totally wrong. It was several stories tall and had an underground parking deck. We stopped by Starbucks for parking validation then spent another 30 minutes trying to figure out how to leave the building.. hahahaha. We're not your average idiots- we're at leastttttt above average.

Ramsey Kate had a complete meltdown on the Walk of Fame- totally unappreciative.. :) I will say that she definitely had no idea how many people want to visit exactly where she was. She is quite the little traveler, and I hope that one day she'll enjoy listening to us talk about our travels with her and looking through the pictures with us. Anyway, we walked the Walk of Fame after tending to her meltdown, looked at the handprints and footprints in front of the chinese theater, and stopped by a gift shop for the fun of it. 

We finished the day in Santa Barbara. We parked at McDonalds (free parking!) and bought some burgers and fries. The plan was to sit on the beach and eat them, but it was so HOT. We definitely overdressed- it was SO much hotter than it was supposed to be. We stripped Ramsey down to just her onesie and let her crinkle her toes in the sand. She loved it!! I can't believe she's seen the Pacific Ocean. I always thought she'd see the Atlantic long before we ever made a trip to the west coast. It's funny how things change. We ended up eating inside McDonald's before we left and headed back to Fresno. Such a fun trip with my favorites!

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  1. LA looks gorgeous! I'm super jealous of the sunny days! Glad you had a great time.

  2. I've never been to LA. It seems like it would be an overwhelming city, but it looks like you had an awesome time. I'll have to add it to my list of cities to visit!