First Zoo Trip & VLOG

Friday, December 23, 2016

We took advantage of Zach's first vacation day by visiting the Fresno Chaffee Zoo yesterday. Fresno literally has EVERYTHING! I feel like as an adult places like the zoo (or the aquarium) lose their magic compared to visiting as a child, but Zach and I were both impressed. Maybe that's because we got to experience Ramsey's reactions to everything? Probably, but I'm not complaining. Everything is so much more fun with her, even miserable car rides.. Anyway, it was actually Zach's first trip to the zoo as well! So not only did I get to share in Ramsey's first zoo memories, (I know she won't remember it, but it still counts..) but I also got to share in Zach's. Of course we had to stop by the store and purchase a plushie before we left. We bought the most precious little giraffe- you could just tell the giraffe exhibit was her favorite! HAHA. Totally. worth. every. flippin'. penny. Ramsey left just as she arrived- asleep, so the luckily car ride home didn't consist of an upset baby. So excited for the rest Zach's vacation and all the family time we're going to have. We plan on visiting Los Angeles before he returns to work after the New Year- and then his parent's are flying in to visit for a week. So much to look forward to!


^The many faces of Ramsey Kate Bell :)^

^I was a little apprehensive about the little guys.. They had shifty eyes. BUT LOOK AT THAT BABY GIRL'S FACE.^

^Zach caught us vlogging! You'll see this clip in our vlog that I posted below :)^

^The parrot totally said "Hi." to us as we entered the exhibit! Luckily I caught it on video. Listen for his little voice in the vlog.^

^Not sure how I got so luckily with these two. Ramsey loves the camera.. and typicaly hams it up like in our family selfie. Then there are times that she's too distracted, like in the picture on the left, but that's okay too.^

^Zach's token picture with Ramsey. LOOK. AT. THOSE. CUTIES. He loved being behind the camera most of the trip. Can't say I hated it. He did such a good job- andddddd I'm finally in pictures for once!^

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  1. Looks like an amazing day at the zoo!! I love the intro of your vlog, what a beautiful montage!!!

  2. Looks like a fun day at the zoo! You're right, the zoo and places like that are so much more fun and magical with kids.