California Christmas

Monday, December 26, 2016

We enjoyed Ramsey's first Christmas in California this year. On Christmas Eve we drove Fresno's 'Christmas Tree Lane'- which is the city's most popular Christmas light display. It's a residential area decorated with MILLIONS of Christmas lights. Ramsey Kate semi-enjoyed the lights, but of course the car seat was a no go.  On Christmas Day, we Face-Timed our families back in Georgia and opened gifts. Our parents actually shipped our gifts to us for us to open, which I think is the sweetest thing ever. It was definitely different not being with our families, but we made the best out of the situation. We spent the day playing with all of Ramsey's new loot and finished our Harry Potter marathon. FUN FACT: I'd never finished the Harry Potter movies until now! I hadn't seen the last few, but I have to say SO GOOD!

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