Wednesday, August 24, 2016

^^Official last bumpie! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take just oneeeee more. As much of a pain as they were to take throughout my pregnancy, I'm actually a little sad the bumpies have came to an end.^^

 ^^A side by side comparison of my very first bumpie with the very last. It's amazing how much has changed since the first bumpie was taken.^^

It's so hard to believe we have had our sweet Ramsey Kate for a whole week already! We are so in love with her- and the girls are very interested in our newest family member. Proof- just look at our last bumpie. Lexi's nose makes an appearance too- in case you overlooked it and only saw Laney. As much as I enjoyed being pregnant, being her mama is by far my favorite. She was sweet to me on the inside, and so far she's been sweet on the outside. Well.. besides the first night in the hospital and the first night we were home- definitely an adjustment to say the least. We're enjoying every moment with our girl- just hoping she doesn't grow up too fast.

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