Chatsworth Baby Shower

Monday, July 11, 2016

Our first shower was back home this weekend, and it was absolutely everything I've ever hoped for. I cannot thank our moms enough for all the time and effort they poured into making the day so perfect for us. I was worried about the turn out since it was the weekend following the fourth, but I was so relieved once everyone started arriving. It was nice to see so many familiar faces. Living four-and-a-half/five hours away has definitely made it difficult to keep in touch with everyone back home. We enjoyed getting to catch up with everyone during the shower, and we felt nothing but love and support from everyone. We feel so very blessed and thankful that Ramsey Kate is already so loved and adored!

It's always hard leaving after a weekend trip home, and it was even more emotional for me this time in particular. Next time we see our parents I'll either be in labor or our baby girl will have already been born. We'll never make another trip home without our sweet Ramsey Kate sitting in the back in her car seat. It's so hard to believe how much everything is about to change and how different our lives will be next time we're home- and next time we see our families. I can't believe how close we really are to meeting our girl! 

^^ "Do my bangs look okay?" *ZACH SHRUGS* ^^

^^OBSESSED with this cake!! It was so sweet and delicious.^^

^^Can't forget to post the invite! OBSESSSSSSEDDDD.^^

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