Maternity Boudoir

Monday, June 20, 2016

I stumbled across some of the most beautiful maternity pictures a while back on Pinterest, and from the moment I saw them I knew I wanted to have similar ones taken of myself. Of course, I didn't want anything too scandalous- but I wanted to capture the true beauty of pregnancy. I am so incredibly proud of how my body has changed to support and nurture the little life growing inside. I have loved documenting my pregnancy every step of the way- and I absolutely love this season of our lives. I love being pregnant. I've never felt more beautiful or loved my body more- even with the unsightly stretch marks I have in certain areas. I've truly learned to appreciate and embrace my body for what it is, and I wish more pregnant women would do the same. Pregnancy is such a beautiful blessing and I am so thankful to be carrying this little girl. These images perfectly capture the love and excitement I have for this little girl and how incredibly proud I am of this bump- and I know I'll be able to relive these emotions time and time again when I look back at them.

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