Tuesday, June 21, 2016

How far along? 31 weeks- the first week of month 8!

Total weight gain? 22 pounds total at my 30 week appointment.

Stretch marks? Still no stretch marks on my belly!

Sleep? It has been much better! Zach was gone all of last week for football camps, so I had the entire bed and all the pillows to myself. I definitely caught up on sleep.

Best moment? Zach and I bought a travel system Saturday night- not at all anything we had planned on buying. I mentioned a few bumpdates ago that a coworker gave us her daughter's travel system since she had outgrown it. Well we attempted to install the car seat and it just WASN'T working. We didn't have a manual and the instructional videos on the brand's website weren't helping at all. 

We ended up taking a trip to Walmart to 'browse' and left an hour later with the Urbini Omni Plus travel system. Let me just say- I AM OBSESSED. The stroller has a bassinet attachment that we can convert to a toddler seat later on, and the car seat attaches directly to the stroller base. We purchased it in black- CHIC. I can't get over it. So classic and CHIC. CHIC. CHIC. I die over how precious and simple and CHIC the whole travel system is. It's literally all I can do not to push the stroller (with bassinet attachment) around constantly. The car seat has the most precious newborn insert too. Oh, and Zach installed the car seat base effortlessly. It's so secure and brings me peace of mind- totally worth every penny. 

And of course I have another- a stranger told Zach 'Happy Father's Day' Sunday. We were loading groceries into the trunk at the Neighborhood Market and the guy parked next to us was backing out. He rolled down his window and told Zach his wife had a bun in the oven too. So clearly I look very pregnant! There's been a few other people mention/ask about my pregnancy as well, but of course I've forgotten to add those to my bumpdates. This was my favorite so far though :) 

Miss anything? I would say my belly button, but I think what I have going on right now is so much cuter. The belly button is gone. Completely. Baby girl has officially stretched it to max capacity. The top half that disappeared earlier on is actually popping out slightly now. It's totally precious.

Movement? She has been so active! You can see her rolling around and pushing out her body. I love watching my stomach move when she really gets going. She's been having the hiccups
a lot lately too- lots of growing going on in there!
Food cravings? Not any particular cravings. We picked a bad watermelon this week, so that craving has dwindled.

How's the bump? It looks bigger every single day. Every. Single. Day. It's so cute and round though. It looks so massive in pictures, but it doesn't feel that big to me- which I guess is a good thing!

Happy or moody most of the time? I'm definitely feeling the pressure to have everything prepared. Officially in 'nesting' mode. Anxious probably best describes my mood until I've checked a few things off my to do list.
Looking forward to? Labor. It sounds so odd- and I'm sure I'll eat my words when I actually go into labor, but I'm so ready to meet this little girl. I'm so excited to experience everything and experience the memories that I know we'll look back on for years to come.

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