Family of (almost) 5

Monday, May 09, 2016

I absolutely insisted on having one last set of family pictures taken before Ramsey Kate makes her grand debut. Zach finallyyyy gave in and we had them taken this past Saturday. I even made it super convenient for him and the girls- we took these literally right outside our front door. This is actually the same place Zach & I took our announcement photo! So much easier having a friend take these compared to using the tripod and self-timer like we did for the announcement. As always, these are my favorite family pictures to date. I am so happy with how they turned out. We are all smiley and happy- even the sweet puppies, which is just the way I want to remember our time together. I even managed to talk Zach into taking a few pictures of just us. It gave him a little warm up for our eventual maternity shoot. I can't believe that our next family pictures will include a sweet baby girl! I look forward to our family of five, but until then I'm soaking up this little family of four :)

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