Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How far along? 26 weeks. Almost to the THIRD TRIMESTER!! I cannot believe how far along I am already. This pregnancy has absolutely flown by. I'm so excited baby girl is closer to being here, but also sad that my pregnancy is approaching the home stretch. I loveeeee being pregnant!

Total weight gain? I had gained 15 pounds total at 24 weeks. I don't own a scale, so I only know when I have had a recent appointment. Next visit is June 1st! I'm expecting to be around 20 pounds heavier then. The number honestly doesn't bother me- I don't feel like I look fat. I'm definitely trying to stay around 30 pounds total though, which came directly from my doctor.

Stretch marks? Luckily I still haven't gotten any stretch marks on my belly! I'm hoping the ones on my boobs lighten up after she's born though. I'll definitely be researching ways to lighten them before I give birth.

Sleep? Can't complain!

Best moment? Working on baby girl's nursery nook! It's pretty much complete besides a crib skirt, which I'll be ordering soon. I can't wait to share once it's finally finished!

Blooper of the century- A coworker gifted us her baby girl's travel system that she only used a handful of times (lifesaver! money saver!). So I came home and wiped it down after I got home from work. Zach got home and I was showing it off to him- I even folded the stroller down to show him how compact it was (in my opinion anyway). Well..... long story short, we absolutely could not get the stroller to open back up. We spent literally 25 minutes trying to figure this thing out. We were laughing hysterically by the end. We took turns, offered tips to each other, and turned the stroller 34563758 ways and directions trying to get it to open. FINALLY, I sat down in the floor and happened to see a tiny little hook on the side (it was totally eye level-only reason I saw it). BAM! Stroller was open for business. Funniest moment yet! And I'm sure installing the car seat later on will be very similar HAHAHAHA.
Miss anything? I'm pretty certain my feet are growing- which I've heard happens. My sandals are starting to fit a little smaller and I hope so hard that I don't outgrow them!

Movement? I feel her so much more now. Even when I'm standing up- I've never felt her standing up and moving around until this past week. I read on one of my apps that the next few weeks are the most active she'll be the entire pregnancy, so it definitely makes sense.
Food cravings? Pineapple, chocolate chip cookies, and the occasional Reese's never hurts. Cheddar sour cream chips are always a good idea too. Clearly the healthy cravings I had early on are longggg gone.

How's the bump? I can't believe how huge my belly is! I haven't really felt massive until now, and it's hard to believe how much more growing there is for her to do. Luckily I'm still not uncomfortable- and I'm going to enjoy myself and this bump until then :) OH- and my belly button is disappearing! The top half is literally non-existent now. It's completely level with my stomach now. The bottom half is holding on strong though, but I expect it to be gone by the third trimester. It's the funniest thing to me, because I'll forget and then it will catch my eye when I'm in the shower.

Happy or moody most of the time? So so happy. I feel incredibly lucky to be Ramsey Kate's mama and to have such a perfect baby daddy. He really is the best daddy already!
Looking forward to? Our next appointment- 4D ULTRASOUND! We get to really see our baby girl's face for the first time! I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF!!

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