Beach Bumpin'

Monday, May 09, 2016

^^I'm a lucky baby-mama.^^ 

^^I can't get over how I don't even look pregnant here...^^

We had the absolute hands-down best weekend ever this past weekend- and it was my first (non fur-mama) Mother's Day! We drove down to Tybee Island on Sunday morning and spent the entire day relaxing. We packed a cooler full of water and included all the snacking necessities for a successful day trip to the beach. Only non-successful event of the day- a $50 parking ticket because we were 'blocking a driveway.' UMMM, NO WE WEREN'T. Surprisingly, I've moved on since and I've actually paid the parking ticket already. Kinda expensive for a day trip after couting in the ticket, but worth every penny. This is probably the closest we'll have to an actual babymoon, but it's a-okay with me. Zach took all the bumpies I wanted (every angle and accessory option was covered), and he even agreed to a picture with me. Can't beat that!

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