A little intro..

Monday, April 18, 2016

A little someone would like to officially introduce herself.... Our little love's name is RAMSEY KATE BELL. We've had it picked out for such a long time- long before I was pregnant or even considering the thought of a baby bump. I plan on her being a double-name and calling her Ramsey Kate consistently. Zach on the other hand says he'll just call her Ramsey, and my mom and sister insist on calling her Ramey as a nickname. I clearly can't win for losing HAHAHAHA. Whatever- she'll be Ramsey Kate regardless.

We are all so excited for this little girl. I cannot wait for her to be here- it seems so far away, but so close at the same time. I've already started on her little nursery nook. So far we have a mini crib, crib mattress, fitted sheet, and coordinating blanket (actually mine from when I was a baby). Zach built her a little wooden toy box- I'll share once it's finally stained and completed! And we've accumulated an array of other fun baby items over the past few weeks, too. Baby girl is already so loved- she just doesn't even know it yet.

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