Mom Car Status

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pregnancy brain is a very real thing people. I totaled my little Mazda 3..... at like 15/25 mph. I ran all over the back of a Toyota Corolla in the yield lane. In my defense he was almost halfway out into the slow lane and slammed his breaks for no apparent reason. We had the green light and NO TRAFFIC WAS COMING. With that being said, it all really worked out for the best. We had a family friend back home that sold us a 2008 Honda Pilot, which means I've officially reached MOM CAR STATUS. I'm so excited!! We will have more than enough room for two puppies and baby and luggage and 3237563 other people if we want. It just goes to show how God's plans are so much better than any we could ever have. We truly are blessed with how well everything has came together lately.

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