Townhome Tour: Christmas

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I love love love all the lights, scents, movies, and music Christmas brings along with it. This year Zach & I wanted to get a real Christmas tree. Neither of us have ever had a real Christmas tree and we were both really excited for another "first" together. All I can say is I AM OBSESSED WITH REAL CHRISTMAS TREES! I can't believe I've lived without them for all these years. I may or may not plant Christmas trees in my front yard... and start my own farm.... And I'm not joking.

In a perfect world I'd have 24/7 dibs on my husband and we would've spent 4376537 hours picking out the perfect tree at a Christmas tree farm, buttttttttttttt the world is far from perfect and I only have 2/7 dibs on my husband. So we spent 3 minutes at Walmart picking out our Christmas tree at 10 pm on a Sunday. I have nothing to compare our tree to, but it's honestly so perfect to me. We didn't trim anything off, but left it au-natural. It's so plump and full. I love it so much. I secretly have anxiety over it dying before Christmas, but so far so good. I bought a matching wreath earlier that day while I was in town (because I couldn't wait a second longer to begin decorating) and it's just as precious as the tree. I literally spend 10 minutes a day on the front porch with a spray bottle spraying the wreath with water. I swear I don't talk to it.. just my dogs HAHAHAHA. I'm not completely crazy I promise.

For the decor I wanted to keep it simple. I incorporated reds throughout all the pieces to tie everything together- which includes the precious cranberries. Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx never let me down. I'm so happy with how the room came together and I'm excited for the new tradition we've made together :)

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