Birthday Breakfast

Monday, November 09, 2015

Today I turn another year older. It's so hard to believe I'm approaching the halfway mark of my 20's. I still don't even feel "adult." When I was younger I always viewed 20-somethings as adults, so I don't know why I don't feel that way now that I'm living it. Not that I ever thought about it much before, but I feel like I'm so much further in life than I ever expected to be at this age. It feels good. I'm completely content with my life- the life Zach and I have created for ourselves. I feel blessed to have such an amazing little (fur balls included) family.

My only request this year was a birthday breakfast. Luckily, Zach had the day off and we were able to celebrate on Saturday- because I refuse to wake up any earlier than I have to on a Monday (or any day really). Zach made pancakes and we stuffed the precious number candles into my pancake stack.

After breakfast we made a little road trip down to Pooler and spent a few hours shopping the new outlet mall, followed by a late lunch at Steak 'N Shake. We may or may not have gotten Frosties afterwards... and sat on the porch with the girls while we ate them. Per usual, we binge-watched Netflix until bedtime. We're currently on season three of Grey's Anatomy. SO GOOD. We've both seen a random few episodes before (and we know McDreamy dies), but it's so addicting! I give us another month tops- and we'll be caught up completely current.

Here's to another year of life! I'm excited to see where a year takes us!

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