Family Pictures

Sunday, October 11, 2015

It feels like it's been FOREVER since we've had family pictures taken. Considering it's been 7 months since our last family pictures, I'm not exaggerating that much. This time around all I wanted was our typical group picture. I was so nervous the weather wouldn't cooperate this weekend. We originally planned pictures for Saturday since it's Zach's bye week. We ended up squeezing them in after work on Friday afternoon because there was such a high chance of thunderstorms Saturday. Of course Saturday's weather ended up being completely beautiful- my luck. I'm so happy we were able to have them taken despite how much I stressed the week leading up to them. And they of course turned out perfect!

^^Picture fails to show: my previous 36344 hours of anxiety over the chance of rain, Laney and Lex being scolded and called "idiots" by Zach for their misbehavior, the three cars that interrupted this pose, and Zach throwing his outfit in the dryer instead of ironing it like I wanted him to.^^

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