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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

So much has changed since my last blog post! In late July we moved from our apartment to a one bedroom townhome. By "moved" I mean we spent an entire week strategically cramming our belongings into the last available storage unit at the Public Storage before our noon move out on July 25th. We didn't get early move in like we had hoped for on July 24th, so we had a large percentage of items still in the apartment the day before move out- hoping we'd get the call that our unit was ready at the last minute.

We were between places for almost an entire week. Luckily we have sweet friends who let us crash at their place with the girls. We did end up boarding the girls for two of those days, which made the move in process a lot less stressful. It may have taken us a week and 58484 trips to fill up the storage unit, but it only took us two trips and an hour to unload it. Clearly we were excited to move in.. Besides not getting early move in on July 24th, there was only one frustration- the wrong keys were left for us. We were actually able to move in a day or so earlier than the August 1st start of our lease. Zach made it to the office right at 5 pm, so our keys were left on the kitchen counter by maintenance and the unit was left unlocked for us. Zach and I met at the storage unit as soon as he finished signing paperwork and I got off work. We loaded up our cars and headed to our new home! We tried to lock the door behind us as we left for the second trip to the storage unit- we then realized the keys didn't work.

I was thrilled to say the least.. Luckily the situation was sorted out quickly. I called and left a voicemail and I received a call back within half an hour. Now if they'll just repair the HORRIBLE carpet patch job by the front door I'll be happy. And that's a completely different story- the carpet wasn't replaced after the previous resident moved out. They had a dog and everything.. The only negative thing I'll say about it is that even our past apartment complex replaced carpet after a resident moved out that had a dog. Clearly I expected the same from Property Mart. WRONG! So instead of replacing the carpet, they patched it to cut costs..

GOOD NEWS: I started a new job in July, too! I'm officially an employee of MiraVista, LLC, which is a medical billing company. I have my own little desk and everything! I was over Buddy's Home Furnishings soon after I started. Working 50 hours a week and every Saturday wasn't enjoyable to say the least. Luckily, MiraVista has been everything I hoped it would be- a Monday through Friday office job and only 40 hours per week. Best part- it's in Statesboro!

We're currently gearing up for football season. Camp has came and gone- worst weeks of the year in my opinion! I'm trying to emotionally prepare for being husband-less for the next few months and I'm definitely not looking forward to it. Zach will be traveling again this season, so the girls and I will have several weekends all to ourselves. We'll have lots of front porch sitting in the near future- and decorating. The best part of moving is getting to redecorate! Which speaking of, the townhome is coming along nicely so far! We will be fully furnished by this time next week- hopefully. We already have bedroom furniture and a sofa in the living room. We've ordered the matching loveseat, as well as a TV stand, coffee table and end table. So fingers crossed that I get a call to schedule delivery soon!

The past two months have been very exciting for our little family, and we have so much to look forward to in the coming months with fall and football season fast approaching!

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