St. Simon's Island Day Trip

Monday, June 01, 2015

Zach & I FINALLY planned a trip to the beach with the girls this weekend. "Planned" by our definition meant waking up Sunday morning and deciding to drive to St. Simon's Island completely last minute. We threw together the beach bag with all of our puppy necessities, a few snacks, and a cooler full of bottled water. We used the ice out of our freezer if that's any indication of how spontaneous our decision was. We stopped at the Brunswick Walmart and I bought a beach umbrella so the girls would have shade while we were there, too. I have to say that as much as I LOVE to plan, our spontaneous adventure yesterday was so much more fun. We may plan a little less and start living a little more spontaneously from here on out!

We were so excited on the drive there- we couldn't wait to see the girls' reactions. They had no idea how much fun we were about to have! Needless to say, they absolutely loved it. Lexi crashed into the waves as often as she could and rolled around in the sand. Laney actually ran into the water and jumped over the waves the first time we took her out. I think she was a little nervous about them afterwards though. Zach tried to get a video the second time I walked Laney out to the water, but she didn't jump over them the same way she did the first time. She definitely didn't want to walk out very far. So of course I carried her out a little farther so we could be with Zach and Lexi. Lexi loved being out in the deeper water. She pulled and pulled and pulled Zach, wanting to go father and farther.

Good news is that Laney actually does have instincts. Her little legs would start the doggie-paddling motion when I carried her into deeper water. I put her down a few times to let her swim. Not sure if she liked that or not, but I did it anyway because it was precious. Judge me- I deserve it.

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